DLC vs. Nitride Coating: Which Is Better for Firearms?

DLC vs. Nitride Coating: Which Is Better for Firearms?

Without the right protectant, firearms wear down more quickly and sustain damage more easily. If you produce firearms and need help deciding what coating to use for your manufacturing process, we can help. Here is a guide on DLC vs. nitride coating to help you understand which is better for firearms.

The Pros of Nitride

Nitride coating is the result of a heat process that creates a hard, nitrogen-based casing directly onto a surface. The coating features an aesthetic, shiny finish and boasts a comfortable, sleek feel that will keep wear and tear at bay.

Nitride coating is particularly useful as a firearm coating, as it reduces the amount of necessary lubrication and is easier to clean than other finishes, such as phosphate.

The Cons of Nitride

Despite the benefits nitride coating offers, you should also know about some potential drawbacks. For one, if you don’t apply the heat correctly or add too much coating, then you could warp your product. It is also an expensive treatment, despite being the more affordable option.

The Pros of DLC

DLC is another coating option to use for firearms. DLC stands for diamond-like carbon, so it isn’t surprising that it gives a product the shiny, mirror-like appearance of a crystal.

Aside from this aesthetic benefit, DLC coating is also harder than nitride coating, making it ideal for firearms that sustain heavy use. Furthermore, the application process doesn’t create a mess or leave behind a strong smell. It’s also an eco-friendly process.

The Cons of DLC

Despite the many benefits of DLC coating, not many shops use the method or have the proper equipment, making it difficult to come by. This is mostly because the application process is more expensive and time-consuming than that of nitride coating.

Find Out the Best Choice With ArmorLube

So, should you go with DLC or nitride coating for firearms? The best choice always depends on what you want from the service. However, at ArmorLube, we believe DLC is the superior choice because it’s modern, cleaner, and despite the cost, a great investment for your business.

ArmorLube is a proud leader in coating specialty services. If you’re looking for oil-free, clean, environmentally-friendly coating processes for your firearm manufacturing company, check out the DLC coating machine options we offer. Contact us to get started or learn more!