How Industrial Coating Benefits the Agricultural Industry

How Industrial Coating Benefits the Agricultural Industry

Any agricultural worker operating heavy machinery or studying the effects of weather on farms and their crops is likely to experience a critical problem like rusted equipment from severe weather. Inclement weather is the worst. If you want to protect your equipment in the future, you need better options. You and every other agriculture worker need better protection; here is how industrial coating benefits the agricultural industry.

Could Powder Coating Benefit Agriculture?

Powder coating can greatly increase the quality of farming equipment. Many companies in the agricultural industry need effective equipment to complete maintenance tasks, but they can’t get the job done with weak, corroded tools. This is where powder coating can step in to help.

Switching to a powder coating as a finisher instead of paint causes agricultural tools to last a lot longer. Farmers and other agrarian workers can benefit from powder finishers because the product creates a firmer surface that lasts a long time.

What Agriculture Equipment Can Be Powder Coated?

All sorts of equipment can be powder coated, including tractors, landscape machines, and silos. Smaller items can also be coated with industrial sprays, such as smaller mechanical parts of barn doors and light fixtures. You can do a lot of good by investing in industrial coatings for your farm.

Ways Industrial Coating Helps Agricultural Businesses

Industrial coatings help agricultural businesses in many ways. The worst problem many workers face is damaged surfaces. Without proper coating on your items, especially exterior gear, you risk decaying surfaces; this is the case with rusted metal on tractors and broken attachments for landscaping. Using an industrial finish gives your equipment a second chance to last longer than its typical lifespan.

Rebuilds Surface Wear

The seasons aren’t friendly. The summer brings hotter days, with the possibility of droughts. In addition to the chance of droughts and other weather conditions, your equipment is also at risk. When the hot sun beats down on your mechanical gear’s surfaces, the heat builds up fast, creating cracks and chips on the exterior of your parts. The presence of chips, holes, or cracks makes the equipment vulnerable.

How can a coating help? First, you start by covering the rest of your machine to focus on the damaged area. The chemical composition of the thermal spray helps repair the surface and restore it back to its previous appearance while also making it firmer.

Prevents Damage From Use

Your equipment’s attachments may suffer more damage than other areas of your gear. You need to do more work on connections because they’re the tools that prepare your workplace for future seasons.

Our chemical coatings have exceptional properties that provide more durability and decrease the chances of corrosion buildup and potential damage from other things, such as your chopper’s knives wearing out after extensive use of the thresher.

Better Finishes for More Equipment

It’s not only basic farming equipment whose quality improves over time thanks to powder coatings. Other equipment pieces, such as attachments, nuts, bolts, internal pipes, and engines, may benefit the most from these types of industrial coatings. Give your tools a fresh finish and experience the greatness of stronger equipment that doesn’t wear.

Longer Life Than Paint

You can expect an industrial finisher to last much longer than paint. Paint chips away quickly, but you won’t experience this same type of degradation with a coating spray. It’s like spray paint, but non-toxic and completely eco-friendly—that’s something to brag to friends about and reference to encourage them to do the same for their equipment.

Using spray coats creates virtually no mess and leaves very few mistakes. The spray coat keeps every inch of your metal equipment protected much longer than paint. It is still essential to maintain your gear. Remember that just because you have a spray finisher doesn’t mean you’re off the hook to conduct your usual agriculture equipment maintenance.

The Benefits of Coatings for the Agriculture Industry

What are the benefits of using coating finishers in the agriculture industry? There are many benefits, including abrasion protection and saving more on repainting your equipment. You cut expenses and create resistance to more than wear and tear and weather.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is an essential aspect of farming equipment. Since every season comes with its own form of unkind weather, you need a solution to protect your equipment. An industrial coating is the best answer to your weather problems. These coatings are specially designed to combat anything falling from the sky. Since the spray has a thicker coat, it is more resistant to rust than typical paint.

Improved Maintenance

Maintenance should be conducted in some form daily. You should perform frequent inspections to ensure everything works correctly, but if your equipment doesn’t make use of a proper finisher, you may come across more frequent damages during these inspections. If you do not use an industrial coat, your equipment will be vulnerable to more breakdowns because of corrosion buildup.

Unfortunately, you can’t seal the cracks and corrosion with paint, but you can improve the process of working with your equipment by using a sealer. A sealant spray provides better protection from corrosion and makes cleaning off mud, debris, and grease easier.

More Savings

The potential savings are the best part of the whole coating process. While these coatings improve maintenance around the farm, they also save you money by allowing you to buy fewer tools for repairs and replacing items. Searching for savings is hard, but using a surface spray reduces your spending on repairs and maintenance inspections.

At Armorlube, we aim to reduce the cost of maintenance. We never desire to increase costs because we know how difficult it is to keep up with consistent machinery maintenance. Cut your labor costs down by using a coating spray.

Environmentally Friendly

All agricultural works aim for environmental friendliness, but achieving that goal isn’t always easy. To be environmentally friendly, you need to be cognizant of costs. By stretching yourself too thin, you run out of money and may end up with sub-par items that do more harm to the environment than good.

Some coat finisher processes aren’t environmentally friendly, and it’s hard to discern the safest, non-toxic coating finishes from those that are harmful. Reading about each method is the best way to learn which is best for you.

We offer five different coating services for industry professionals to use to enhance their equipment’s durability and life span. Each of our processes is eco-friendly and completely clean, meaning you don’t need to fret over dangerous fumes.

Work With a Professional Team at Armorlube

It’s also essential to work with a professional team with the best ethics and vision for your industry’s future. The agricultural sector has much to put in motion to enhance their equipment and make their industry more environmentally friendly.

Let’s work together. The staff at Armorlube has so much to say about the benefits of industrial coating for the agricultural industry. When you’re ready, we’d love to discuss the best metal coating solutions for agriculture industry workers like yourself. Contact us today for a quote and to discuss additional advantages of industrial coatings.

How Industrial Coating Benefits the Agricultural Industry