The Pros and Cons of Internal Epoxy Pipe Coating

The Pros and Cons of Internal Epoxy Pipe Coating

When renovating older buildings, contractors need to ensure the pipes are updated and have a surface protectant on them to prevent rust, calcium buildup, and dust. It’s essential to use a pipe coating so the pipes don’t wear out. One of the best pipe coatings is epoxy; here are the pros and cons of using internal epoxy pipe coating.

Why Should You Use Epoxy Pipe Coating?

Tasks like excavating pipework in older buildings and fixing them in sewer lines could benefit from an epoxy pipe coating. This coating sleeve requires no pipe replacement work; all you need is an old pipe system for the application. This finisher prevents old duct lines from deteriorating and covers up pinholes.

Pro: It Doesn’t Eat Away at Time

One pro of using internal epoxy coatings on pipes is that it’s not time-consuming. Since it doesn’t take long to apply, you’ll have more time to spend on other tasks. Save time renovating by using a fortifying pipe finisher.

Pro: Epoxy Pipe Coatings Are Eco-Friendly

Sometimes renovation processes aren’t the most sustainable. In fact, many are so damaging to the environment that they leave traces, like dying foliage and contaminated water supply. The residence or business you remodel needs to have access to clean water.

Even though the building’s pipes are drastically aged, it doesn’t mean you need to make modifications that damage the environment. Luckily, these epoxy sleeves protect the current state of the pipes by blocking contaminants. Additionally, epoxy doesn’t emit harmful toxins.

Con: You Cannot Undo It

The downside to epoxy coatings is that once they’re applied, you cannot remove them. Once you have decided to use epoxy, you must stick with it. If you are on the fence about using epoxy, reach out to an internal coating equipment company for advice. A professional opinion will help you make the right decision.

Con: Internal Epoxy Pipe Coatings Don’t Work With Every Pipe Type

Epoxy does improve the quality of pipes, but it doesn’t work for every type of pipe, like tarpaper pipes or other fragile kinds. Any pipe under two diameters wears down faster than other pipes that can handle the epoxy application process.

Consult ArmorLube to learn more about the pros and cons of using epoxy internal coatings and your options for coating applications. You may be surprised that the pipes you’re working on may not be suitable for epoxy. Even if epoxy won’t work for your project, we’re here to find the right solution to coating your equipment. Contact us for more information today.