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ArmorLube’s advanced industrial coating equipment technology helps companies exceed customer expectations and makes great products exceptional.

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An advanced dual chamber DLC deposition system that allows for near continuous operation. With deposition rates approaching .5 microns a minute and short cycle times, this is one of the most cost efficient DLC firearm coating solutions on the market today. 


The Velox delivers the fastest plasma nitriding process on the market today due in part to its rapid cool down ability. It’s ideal for manufacturers seeking increased durability and hardness from parts in a cost effective production environment.


Designed for applications that require internal diameter coatings like pipes and other equipment, the CS-10 provides a unique metal coating solution for other industries faced with this challenge. 

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Most companies struggle to find the perfect coating and a service provider that delivers the consistent and reliable performance their products deserve. Armorlube’s industrial coating equipment combined with its advanced coating technology and passionate commitment to customer care help companies constantly exceed customer expectations. Our premium metal coating solutions allow you to stay focused on making and selling a great product with the perfect coating and support you deserve. Whether you need access to external or internal coating equipment, we have the right industrial coating machines to get the job done.

WHY plasma density matters

ArmorLube’s patented Hollow Cathode technology is unique because it creates an extremely dense plasma to coat the parts. This allows for faster deposition times and thicker coatings that can be applied to complex geometries and be tuned to meet specific application performance requirements. This PECVD coating process delivers benefits in three key areas:


ArmorLube’s coefficient of friction is less than 0.1 and is ideal for applications that will have two surfaces sliding against each other. Additionally, the lubricious qualities can be tuned to match the needs of the application providing greater flexibility for manufacturers to meet their performance goals.


ArmorLube can be applied quickly – easily reaching 15 microns if desired. With deposition rates approaching .5 microns a minute, ArmorLube’s patented Hollow Cathode technology process delivers some of the fastest PECVD coating deposition rates on the market today.


All of the hardness and lubrication in the world won’t matter if the coating doesn’t adhere to the substrate. Our industrial coating machines coat complex 3D parts, allowing for greater adhesion to the substrate which enhances wear and lubrication performance.

we provide turnkey solutions

ArmorLube’s systems team can help you design a coating recipe and manufacturing solution tailored to meet your specific product coating and performance goals. Our system engineers will meet with you to understand your goals, test and validate recipes and then deliver a complete cost analysis to help support your decision making process. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial coating equipment and tailored metal coating solutions.



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