Aerospace & Defense Coatings

There’s no margin for error when your plane is 30,000 feet in the air—that’s why ArmorLube has spent years working to provide the best aerospace coatings you can get. Safety is of the utmost importance, and we take it very seriously. All our coatings and machines undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high standards, no matter their application.

It’s no secret that the components on any aircraft must undergo intense stress—while the original material of an aircraft may suffice for a time, erosion, stress, and other environmental factors will reduce their efficacy. That’s where aircraft coatings come in. Whether you are looking for protection from erosion or a material to improve the overall strength and durability of an aircraft’s components, there is a coating for the job.

No matter what you do in aerospace, you know that maintenance is an inevitable part of the process. While no coating can ever eliminate the need for maintenance crews, there are several benefits to aviation coatings that can reduce the frequency of repairs and routine maintenance. Lengthening the time between repairs is better for everyone—it ensures you have operational aircraft for longer and gives your maintenance crews the opportunity to focus their energy wherever it’s needed.

The right industrial coating, such as a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, can improve the durability of your components while also making them require less lubrication. While it may not seem like a big deal, imagine dozens of planes each needing half the lubricant that they did before—suddenly, a small benefit becomes a way to cut costs while addressing sustainability, too.

ArmorLube is ready to provide you with the best A&D coatings you can get—all you need to do is reach out. We’ll help you get the defense coatings you need, so your aircraft stays safer for longer.