DLC Coating Services

Most companies struggle to find the perfect coating and a service provider that delivers the consistent and reliable performance their products deserve. Armorlube’s advanced coating technology and our passionate commitment to customers make us one of the premier DLC coating companies around. Our focus is on helping help companies constantly exceed customer expectations. Let us help you get back to focusing on making and selling a great product with the perfect DLC coating services and support you deserve.


ArmorLube coatings provide a unique combination of dry lubrication and exceptional hardness. It’s well suited for applications that require a clean, dry, permanent lubrication without oils or greases that can accumulate dirt and cause fouling. Our application process creates a 3D conformal coating with faster deposition rates, stronger adhesion and lower friction than other coatings in the DLC family.


ArmorLube’s PECVD Application process is ideal for internal pipe coating applications that require protection against corrosion, erosion, or sliding wear. Utilizing a patented hollow-cathode ion immersion processing, its flexible design enables it to apply surface enhancements that can be tailored to a range of applications such as industrial pipes and other tubulars. The high aspect ratio of this coating (approx. 15:1 depending on the application) works well for coating smaller inside dimensions and can coat complex interior geometries without the limitations and unevenness of line-of-sight, spray type coating methods. 


  • Oil and gas downhole tools and production tubulars
  • Suppressors and chokes for firearms
  • Automotive cylinder liners and similar
  • Fill and inflator tubes



Armorlube proprietary Hollow cathode technology can be applied as a case hardening and metal heat treatment replacement. The plasma nitride coating process is extremely short compared to conventional gas, salt bath, or plasma-nitriding. Our nitride coating service delivers your desired hardness on the surface of your metallic substrates and can be tailored for achieving increases in core hardness. Download our whitepaper for more details.


Two coating in one: the Duplex coating combines the lubricity, chemical inertness, and corrosion resistance of the ARMORLUBE COATINGS with the case hardening properties of the ARMORLUBE PLASMA NITRIDE into a single process. This solution delivers exceptional coatings with extreme hardness and toughness for your high-load applications. Download our whitepaper for more details.


The ArmorLube LX coating is formulated to deliver extreme lubricity for applications where two sliding surfaces coming together in situations where liquid lubrication can attract dirt and grit.


Looking for hardness or scratch resistance? The WX formulation is our suggested solution. The extreme hardness can help improve scratching and component wear.


If corrosion protection is your goal, ArmorLube CX will be the solution. Formulated specifically for the military’s needs, ArmorLube CX features an amorphous surface coating that is applied as a thicker layer to ensure the ultimate in corrosion protection.