>> Duralar TECHNOLOGIES IS NOW armorlube, llc.


ArmorLube coatings provide a unique combination of dry lubrication and exceptional hardness. It’s well suited for applications that require a clean, dry, permanent lubrication without oils or greases that can accumulate dirt and cause fouling.


An advanced dual chamber DLC deposition system that allows for near continuous operation. With deposition rates approaching .5 microns a minute and short cycle times, this is one of the most cost efficient DLC coating solutions on the market today.


The Velox delivers the fastest plasma nitriding process on the market today due in part to its rapid cool down ability. It’s ideal for manufacturers seeking increased durability and hardness from parts in a cost effective production environment.


Designed for applications that require internal diameter coatings like tubes and other equipment, the CS-10 provides a unique solution for other industries faced with this challenge.