Automotive Component Coatings

Automotive components need to be strong enough to take on heavy loads with significant friction. While you can build your products with materials that are long-lasting, automotive component coatings can go the extra mile and make all the difference.

One solution that will work for several of your internal parts is a DLC automotive coating. DLC—otherwise known as diamond-like carbon—is perfect for any components that must survive repeated friction. Carbon is best known in two different forms: graphite and diamond. Each has its own unique properties that make carbon an excellent choice for automotive coatings.

For one thing, everyone knows that diamonds have incredibly high hardness. Corrosion and wear are far less damaging when they’re up against a material with diamond-like hardness. On the other hand, graphite is a material with a low coefficient of friction, making the combination perfect for automotive applications.

With the growing desire for efficient vehicles that adhere to environmental regulations, it’s essential to opt for lighter-weight components. However, heft often comes with durability and strength that you don’t want to sacrifice—that’s where automotive component coatings come in. You can enjoy the benefits of heavier, more durable materials without weighing down the vehicle.

There are so many different components that require increased hardness and friction resistance, from gears to bearings to fuel injection needles. ArmorLube has the technology to coat any components you have, including previously hard-to-coat internal ones.

Our CS-10 machine makes short work of pipes, tubes, and similar components. All our machines are designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently—whether you contract us to coat your product or purchase a machine for yourself. We’re happy to provide remote support.

Contact ArmorLube to learn more about our automotive coatings and find out how we can help improve your vehicle’s internal components.