7 Advantages of Custom Coating Formulations

7 Advantages of Custom Coating Formulations

There’s a significant need for change in industrial manufacturing plants. Luckily, you can make substantial changes in your company by using custom coating formulas. Custom coating formulas improve the environment and open more doors for product creation. Enhance your workspace today by learning the seven advantages of custom coating formulations.

A Healthy Change to Manufacturing Processes

One positive of custom coatings is the healthy improvements it makes to manufacturing processes. The manufacturing process typically involves unsuitable toxic chemicals, leading to recalls and damaged inventory.

Securing a custom coating formula can shift gears in the way of manufacturing. Choosing to evolve with the times gives the work environment a positive, healthy change—get yourself moving with the changing times by getting a tailored paint formula.

Better for the Environment

The environment is always on a business’s mind. Many customers want more focus on environmental awareness, starting with their supplier’s manufacturing procedures. Unfortunately, most companies haven’t shifted to eco-friendly processes because of cost and availability.

However, companies have access to better manufacturing practices, including creating their own spray coats. When creating a formula, the entire focus can be on environmental needs. This benefits your customers and puts you above your competitors.

Custom Coatings Perform Better

A standard coating meets requirements, but it doesn’t hit the nail on the head every single time. With custom coating, you can tailor a formulation that meets more than the base requirements, such as more protection and better durability.

Specialty coatings are customizable in color, have a glossy finish, and have performance characteristics, which can provide many benefits for your company. Whether you’re looking to mount your products for decoration or give them a purpose, a custom coat will make these items more suited for any environment.

More Roadblocks Broken Down

There are certain criteria you can’t meet with standard formulas because they don’t have the ingredients you need to protect the object’s surface. By having your own secret formula, you can meet long-term goals and break down barriers blocking you from obtaining better surfaces.

Quit relying on standard coatings that fail to meet your needs and create your own. Trust us; you need a custom formula to beat your most dire roadblocks.

More Ways To Offer Different Products

Many manufacturing companies want to expand their merchandise offerings, but they don’t have the right finishers to make these products last. Say your company sells firearms, but you want to expand to all self-defense products. Instead of using a standard coating for all the products you make, choose a customized spray finisher.

Picking out personalized sprays gives you more options, which allows you to create items other than what your company carries, like pepper spray, pocket knives, and safety jewelry. You can use a specific coating on these items to help them maintain their durability and fight off corrosion. Now you can widen your merchandise offerings and still sell high-quality products.

You Create Formulas to Your Specifications

You can alter a curated formula to your specifications. You have a better chance of meeting production goals when you create different formulas. Curated products can be more vibrant in color or have more sustainability—whatever your product requires, you can provide it with special coatings. It doesn’t matter what the item is, as you can put a personalized coating on anything.

You might consider the standard store-bought coatings to work well, but a customized formula will meet other needs, such as rust resistance and better, eco-friendlier ingredients. When you make the formula, you can choose exactly what qualities it will have.

The Cost of Customized Coatings

The high cost of customized items might deter someone; however, not every custom-made item is expensive. All you have to do is research what you want to buy first and then factor in the costs.

Furthermore, the basic cost of a customized coating isn’t the only thing to wonder about; you need to consider your reasons for buying a tailored finisher. How does the coating enhance your production flow? Does it add any functional qualities? Will this higher-quality finish save you money in the long run? Think about these things before deciding how to curate your coating.

Bigger Focus on Safety

The greatest benefit of using custom coating formulations is that there’s more focus on safety. Many coating brands require specific environmental conditions to work, and if the building doesn’t meet those requirements, you can’t use that finisher.

Creating your own coating doesn’t limit you on safety; it actually involves a higher focus. With your own coating, you know that it will work in specific environments without harm. You need a formula that works well all the time, not part of the time.

You Know the Science

The even greater focus on safety is you know the science behind your formulation. You know how each additive reacts to moisture, the environment, and interactions with the item. Knowing the science behind your formulas can kickstart a better awareness of safety when using the coating.

Additionally, creating the science for your formulas improves training sessions. You can better teach new workers about the ingredients and how to use the product because you made it.

You Work With a Knowledgeable Company

One of the essential things to do when researching customized coating formulations is to find the right company to work with. Companies can showcase their state-of-the-art facilities all they want, but do they know how a custom coating formula works? There’s a 50/50 chance that they may not educate their workers well enough to build the necessary knowledge. So ensure you find the right company before hiring them.

Customer Support Is on Your Side

For every question, comment, concern, or shout-out, you need a customer support team that’s patient and open to answering your calls. Talking with a chatbot is nice, but speaking to a live person who can communicate thoroughly without taking you in circles is better. Armorlube’s customer support team and chemists will be here to answer every question and concern you have.

Armorlube doesn’t beat around the bush when offering coating services like plasma nitride coating. You can customize our coatings to fit your company’s expectations and needs. Our trained team can help you pick out the ingredients to use in your coating concoction to create the ideal product. Let’s discuss what your coating formula needs most to help you build an eco-friendly, safe brand.

7 Advantages of Custom Coating Formulations