Choosing the Right Coating Equipment: 4 Do’s and Don’t’s

Choosing the Right Coating Equipment: 4 Do’s and Don’t’s

Improving your production equipment is an essential part of business. Whether you’re replacing parts or applying a coating to extend the longevity of machinery, you can’t skip any essential maintenance tasks. As you assemble your maintenance list, you might run into problems when applying the correct finisher to your coating equipment. Here is your guide to the do’s and don’t of choosing the right coating equipment.

Do: Use the Right Function

Various companies debate over what function to use with the coating. A finisher can extend the life of equipment, but it could also be useful for floor systems, tank linings, and metal structures. You don’t want to pick the wrong finisher because each has its own use.

Suppose you want a finisher for a tank lining; you’re not going to pick a brand just because it’s well-known; the coating finisher is chosen based on performance. The best finisher isn’t based on pH level but on temperature control, corrosion resistance, and even the chemicals on its ingredients list.

Do: Ensure the Environment Is Safe

The environment in which you paint could be hazardous. Ensuring the place you paint in is safe can simplify things when starting the process. Pay close attention to the atmosphere; this can pinpoint what equipment to use and how to prep the room before administering the coating.

It can be scary to think about not being in the right environment when using a paint finish, but reading the product information can help you find a suitable location to paint. The product label sometimes contains a list of places to avoid applying spray paint, like near open flames or toxic waste.

Don’t: Buy Without Reading the Restrictions

Many industrial plants prefer to use a vacuum coating machine because it’s clean, but that doesn’t eliminate restrictions. Always read the restrictions when using a product for the first time or purchasing from a familiar company.

Reading the limitations on a product can create an educated workspace. You can determine the suitable machine to use, like machinery to coat internal pipes, by reading the restrictions on each product.

Don’t: Spend More Than Necessary

It can be tempting to drop more money on equipment, but that top tech isn’t always going to work. When investing in coating equipment, make sure it will meet your needs. Spending unnecessary funds can put you into debt and make you regret buying machinery, especially if returns aren’t available.

You might forget the steps to choosing the right coating equipment, but it’s easy to remember when working with a great coating company. Armorlube makes buying easy, and our trained professionals are here to ensure you pick the right coating equipment for your company. Contact us to learn more about our coating systems.