Custom Coatings vs. Standard Coatings: Which Is Better?

Custom Coatings vs. Standard Coatings: Which Is Better?

A coating you select should meet industry standards and your own. However, the decision-making process could be overwhelming because there are so many options on online coating distributors’ websites. Standard coatings can meet expectations but limit the customer’s criteria. Meanwhile, custom coatings could be expensive. To help you decide which is better, we’ve created a brief comparison of custom coatings vs. standard coatings.

Standard Coatings Limit Customer Needs

An off-the-shelf coating is great, but the things it can do are limited. For one, a standard coating is a premade product ready to meet limited requirements for a customer. It won’t have any room for customization since it’s already in a bottle and ready to use.

Since the needs of you and your customers change over time, you will find yourself researching standard coatings that meet different specifications.

Custom Coatings Can Meet Special Requirements

One excellent benefit of custom coating is that you can alter it to meet unique requirements. So if you have a coarse metal that needs extra protection from scratching or corrosion, you can adjust the formula to meet those needs. This benefit helps a ton as your needs evolve.

The benefit of custom coatings over standard coatings is that it’s relatively easy to create different formulas so that they continue to outperform their predecessors. In this respect, they can be better for you.

Standard Coatings Meet Industry Specifications

While custom coatings are great to have in every industry, many fields might have strict requirements on a formula’s ingredients. A standard coating is on the shelf because it meets VOC and performance requirements. A personalized finisher might not meet industry standards because it includes a prohibited ingredient.

Many available standard coatings include industry-accepted components and meet lots of customers’ needs.

Custom Coatings Can Cost More To Produce

A standard coating may be the most affordable option, whereas a customized coating for machinery facets could cost more. A customized coating involves using different production methods to satisfy your standards, as well as those of the industry and your customers. But it’s worth noting that a personalized coating is a suitable option, despite the cost.

You can apply industry-regulated ingredients to a personalized coating. Also, a custom finisher meets regulations and is easier to produce than standard coatings.

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