Everything You Need To Know About DLC Coatings

Everything You Need To Know About DLC Coatings

You can’t truly say you’ve used everything available in your industry when you haven’t tried DLC coatings. Whether you’re in automotive or firearms, you need a trusty finisher that applies better strength and durability to metal. Take a look at our guide if you desire to learn everything you need to know about DLC coatings.

What Is DLC Coating?

DLC coating stands for diamond-look carbon compound. A DLC is a coating used on items to give the sheer resemblance of a diamond appearance. In retrospect, the final appearance of a metal surface would benefit from the properties of natural diamonds, such as low friction, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation.

The DLC coating method falls into two categories: diamond and graphite structure. Both methods produce different effects. For instance, diamond possesses stronger properties, whereas graphite is softer and easily absorbs lubricants.

No matter the coating you use, you benefit from both greatly, as DLC finishes generally have great properties that allow them to be placed onto metals, alloys, and glass. There are different categories of DLC coatings you should know about.

DLC Coating Categories

The coating categories all vary in chemical compounds. For instance, there’s Form a-C coating that’s hydrogen-free and is an amorphous carbon. The coatings are all abbreviated for their name description. Here are others to know about:

  • Form a-C: H:X – Non-metal amorphous carbon filled with hydrogen
  • Form ta-C: H – An amorphous carbon laced with hydrogen

DLC Finishing Properties

There are many properties the DLC finishes have, including mechanical and electrical. The other properties include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Surfacing
  • Low-friction coefficients

While the above properties are essential for DLC, the mechanical and electrical properties of DLC finishes add plenty more benefits for users in various trades.

Mechanical Properties of DLC Finishes

Every DLC coating has its own set of mechanical properties. Some contain properties that don’t create enough strength for metal or non-metal pieces, while others have components that increase a metal or other object’s strength and appearance.

Overall, the ratings of each DLC coating determine the total toughness a product has by the end of its manufacturing process. The manufacturing industries desire tough products, so they’d benefit most from a nitride coating service.

Electrical Properties of DLC Coatings

When doping these coatings, the process creates resistance to electricity. Sometimes the DLC only allows minimal fixes, so that it still acts as a semiconductor between layers of insulated parts. However, the higher the ranges, the wider the insulation expands to resist electrical currents.

DLC Coating Benefits

There are benefits to using diamond look coating on metal products and non-metal items. For instance, you have the amount of hardness contributed by the DLC’s chemical compound. Here’s an overview of the three benefits of DLC coating.


The hardness contributes to enhancing an object’s performance while extending its lifespan. However, for an object to appear strong and enhance its life, you need the right measurement in your finisher. For a harder appearance and feel, you want a ta-C that’s at least 5000HV. The higher the volume, the harder the surface is for a product.

Abrasion and Wear

Wear and tear is a big deal in industries dealing with metal. The automotive industry knows that parts of motors wear out over time, so applying a coat of DLC helps improve longevity and increase strength.

Furthermore, tools also need coatings to become more useful in production, so things can get through quicker.

Layer Structure

Over the years, DLC has developed to improve operations for various industries. The biggest issue manufacturers have had is adhesion. Adhesion is a bond, which means that if not enough of the DLC is layered on, it won’t thicken.

Thicker structures show more success over how well a product holds up. When applying multiple layers, the problem with thickness and stress gets eliminated. When adding more coats, you’re stacking everything. Stacking helps build better resistance and a better combination of benefits like lower friction and wear rates and plenty of hardness.

Different Applications of DLC Coatings

DLCs are in every industry and serve their purpose while delivering on the benefits needed to build better products.

Molding Industries

The mold industry requires a coating that helps the produced parts last a long time while maintaining durability and corrosion resistance. With the help of DLC, workers see production time cut in half, as they don’t need to worry about reapplying in the process.

You can find this coating in the process of these products:

  • Ejector pins and sleeves
  • Rubber molds
  • Plastic injection molds


The automotive industry deals with metal all the time. However, the metal still corrodes and breaks easily. For it to finally hold shape, it needs coats of DLC. DLC coating grants longevity to motor parts that slide. This material hardens the material, so it doesn’t wear down while operating.


Some manufacturers specializing in metal or non-metal products can take a gander at using DLC finishes. Many firearms, building materials, and luxury goods benefit plenty from DLC, as the material strengthens the products.

When used in outdoor products, builders apply the finisher for a beautiful appearance and resistance from the elements. Other industries like sports and aerospace workers could benefit greatly from the coating.

Why Do So Many Industries Use DLC Coating?

That’s a good question! So many manufacturers not only rely on the product, but they also enjoy the fact that it’s a multipurpose solution that’s usable in other areas of their production.

Diamond-like carbon coating is a product that you’ll find just as useful for your projects, from stacking layers to achieving a certain combination of benefits to help put together different molds for products.

There’s a ton more information on DLC coating, but so far, this is pretty much everything you need to know about DLC coating. As you learn more about diamond-like coating, look at the projects you plan to complete, and see which ones could use the coating the most.

The DLC coating is one of the best to use in every industry. Contact ArmorLube today to find out more about our DLC coating services. Today’s a good day to outperform yourself in your production process and create stronger items with DLC coating!

Everything You Need To Know About DLC Coatings