How Long Should Internal Pipe Coatings Last?

How Long Should Internal Pipe Coatings Last?

If you need a solution to broken pipes, you may have found the answer you’re looking for. Internal pipe coatings are a treasure trove of materials that coat cracks, holes, and other exterior blemishes with an epoxy solution. Read on if you’d like to learn more about internal pipe coatings, such as information about how long the material should last.

What Is Internal Pipe Coating?

To summarize, an internal pipe coating is a mixture of resin and a curing agent. When the two components are combined, a semi-thick liquid is formed. This liquid conductor coats a pipe’s interior. The coatings are easy to use and work on pipelines, metal surfaces, or welded parts.

The Types of Coating

Right before placing on a coating, it’s essential to have an idea of every type. Currently, there are three kinds of internal pipe coating to use. A business like yours can dabble in the benefits of a fusion-based solution or one of two solvents: solvent-containing and solvent-less.

  1. The solvent containing is more common in welding. When used, the bonding agent goes onto welded joints to mend any damages and seal openings.
  2. The fusion bonder is heat-based, meaning it needs heat to bind to metal surfaces.
  3. The solvent-less is used in piping rehabilitation. When used, the coating creates a protective layer on the pipe’s interior to seal cracks and holes.

Does Internal Pipe Coating Save Money?

In the long run, internal pipe coating does save money. How exactly? It prevents you from replacing an entire system or performing a partial replacement. And, it saves plenty of time installing something new. All that’s needed are the right tools and your chosen coating to place on.

How Long Should Internal Pipe Coating Last?

But of course, the real question is, how long should internal coating last? Truth be told, a protective layer for inner ware can last roughly 35 to 50 years. The length of time it lasts does vary, however. As long as you do proper maintenance daily, you won’t need to make any necessary replacements.

The coating you use can determine the lifespan of pipes. While some last the 35-50 years timeline, not all have the same life expectancy. Think about your industry; the traditional methods might not work as well as before. That’s when you can consider using an internal coating for your business needs.

Coatings can prevent corrosion and keep cracks and holes sealed; however, you’re likely to save more with an internal pipe finisher. It also prevents rust, keeps dirt out, and seals imperfections.

It’s not fun having to fix up your pipes too often. Instead of spending more than you should on pipe repairs, lean on ArmorLube, LLC for a better solution. We’re thrilled to offer services to every industry and business, including yours. Reach out to us with questions about internal pipe finishing.