The 4 Main Components of Any Good Protective Coating

The 4 Main Components of Any Good Protective Coating

A company needing a protective coating for their machinery might wonder what makes merely one layer of surface finish so robust and shimmery. Today, you are going to find out. Every industry has machines that age, rust, and get dirty over time. The best way to improve longevity and prevent corrosion is to use a protective layer. Here are the four main components of any good protective coating.


The most important part of a protective coating is the solvent. It reduces the viscosity of coatings, making them easy to apply to machinery. They leave no sticky residue after application.

Finishers contain two types of solvents: water and organic. Water and organic solvents evaporate in order for the other ingredients to harden onto a machine’s surface. Once evaporated, the film on the texture smooths out.


When buying a coating, you must pay particular attention to the pigment ingredients. They are either organic or inorganic. An inorganic pigment ingredient is derived from minerals or ores and mainly comprised of sulfides or metallic elemental slats. Scientists in a lab synthesize organic dyes.

Knowing the organic and inorganic differences in buying the right coating type is essential. Question your seller about the dyes’ environmental effects and if they meet national and industry standard regulations and rules.


An additive is something extra in a coating, but you should only add it to varnish if necessary for a particular project. Your project may need an additive if you’re working with pipes, fungicides, or wetting agents.


A binding agent molds and contains everything while spreading onto a surface—in technical terms, a binder is an adhesive. Binders are active ingredients in various paint types. They increase moisture and chemical resistance and improve the strength of your machinery.

You should have a fair idea of what you want when looking for a coating servicer. For instance, you may need an additive for gun parts. Keep these four protective coating components in mind when choosing a sealant for your machinery.

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