The Different Types of Industrial Coatings Explained

The Different Types of Industrial Coatings Explained

When you have products that you need to protect from wear, corrosion, and decay, industrial coatings are typically the answer. Whether you’re working with metal, plastic, or wood, or you manufacture firearms or aerospace equipment, there’s an industrial coating that can get the job done for you. Read on to have the different types of industrial coatings explained.


Polyurethane is often an excellent choice when you need to coat a product that will mainly live indoors. It’s a water-resistant coating, making it perfect for use underwater or in humidity. However, you will likely notice fading if your products spend a long time under UV light—that’s why polyurethane-coated products do better indoors.

Polyurethane also enhances the durability of your product and allows it to take more of a beating without showing signs of wear.


Because epoxy is typically a combination of epoxy polymer and an amine curing agent, there are several different blend ratios you can form for varying applications. Epoxy is well-known for its ability to bond to several types of surfaces, from rubber and glass to plastic and metal. With high temperature and abrasion resistance, epoxy is a great choice for many industries.


Nitriding is a process in which nitrogen molecules enter the surface of your product and react with the atoms within to create nitrides. This chemical process changes the surface of the product itself to become stronger and more resistant to fatigue and wear.


PECVD, or plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, doesn’t use heat to activate the gas that coats your product—it uses plasma. This opens up a world of opportunities for strong industrial coatings for materials with low melting points.

If precision is what you’re after, PECVD is your solution. It deposits a thin film on your products, allowing them to essentially retain their pre-coating dimensions. The industrial coating equipment at Armorlube offers PECVD as a coating type, in addition to nitriding.

Now that you know the different types of industrial coatings, contact ArmorLube for all your nitriding and PEVCD coating equipment—we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.