What Are Industrial Coatings and Why Are They Important?

What Are Industrial Coatings and Why Are They Important?

Industrial coatings are incredibly versatile finishes that any industry could use. The most critical questions are what they are, and why they are important. This two-part question comes up a lot, and we want to provide the details in this blog. Read here for more information on industrial coatings and their significance.

What Is Industrial Coating?

Industrial coating is a shield applied to industrial equipment, like factory machinery, to protect internal parts from corrosion. It protects steel or concrete structures against degradation and adds a shimmery appearance. You’ll need a primer for the shiny appearance to last and to continue safeguarding the surface.

The Importance of an Industrial Coating

Industrial coatings, like steel and concrete, are essential because they make structures appear nicer and improve their surface quality. Another important reason why you need to use industrial coats is user safety. When a surface is slippery or sticky, it creates messes that become difficult to fix. You’ll want industrial coatings because most formulas contain a slip-resistant ingredient.

Industrial Coating Applications

Industrial coatings have dozens of uses, but the most common are for outdoor structures like play equipment, benches, and metal handrails. Other industrial coating applications include machinery—heavy-duty machines need the best care to prevent rust and other types of corrosion.

Industrial coatings are essential for sealing equipment, tools, and structures. You can improve your workplace and products with industrial coating equipment. Armorlube has a great team of machinists that can work out your needs for industrial coating and formulate the right recipe for your items.

Contact us today if you’re eager to learn more about industrial coatings and how they benefit your machinery. Our customer service representatives are ready to find the best formula while teaching you the benefits of industrial coatings, like improved surface safety and corrosion resistance.