What Factors Can Affect the Longevity of Industrial Coating?

What Factors Can Affect the Longevity of Industrial Coating?

Industrial coatings are in almost every industry. For example, the automotive industry uses it to protect mechanical parts from corrosion, rust, and other environmental factors. But the thing most industries wonder is, what factors can affect the longevity of industrial coatings? Several things affect industrial coating longevity, so understanding them helps industrial business leaders select the right industrial coating. This blog explores the different factors affecting the life span of industrial coatings.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is crucial to determining an industrial coating’s performance. Even if you’re using the best quality coating, improperly prepping the surface or not doing so affects the result. A surface needs preparation before a coating application because it must be free of contaminants like rust, grease, and oil so the application adheres well to the area. Some common methods used for surface preparation include sandblasting, chemical cleaning, and mechanical abrasion.

Coating Thickness

A coating’s thickness is also important. If a coating isn’t thick enough or is too thick, the paint can chip or peel off. That’s why limiting how much coating you use is essential. Ensure you get an opinion for a coating expert. They can relay information on the type of coating to use in certain environments and on specific surfaces.

Environmental Factors

Industrial coatings protect metal surfaces from environmental factors. Environmental exposure to UV radiation, moisture, and temperature fluctuations impacts the coating’s quality and performance over time. The rate of impact depends on the type of coating, environment, usage, and the life span of industrial coatings.

Coating Quality

Choosing the best coating can be hard. You have many factors to consider, such as quality. Companies choosing an industrial coating should base their decisions on quality. The better quality a coating is, the longer the coat will last. Coating specialists engineer formulas to add protection against environmental factors and improve performance. Additionally, a coating offers higher chemical resistance and durability. These two assets prevent a piece of heavy machinery from degrading or becoming brittle over time. Keep an eye on the quality before choosing a coating for your business.

Application Method

The application method used for industrial coating also impacts its performance. Some methods aren’t helpful, but ones like spraying, dipping, and brushing are three common methods with high success rates. There are specific recommendations on how coatings should be applied, and not following them could adversely affect the longevity of the coating.

These are the factors affecting the longevity of industrial coatings. Knowing about these assets helps you decide how to pick a coating. After discussing these factors, let’s apply the right varnish to your metal products and equipment. ArmorLube provides customers with a high-quality DLC coating machine that coats a surface with a thick layer. Contact us to learn more about our coating services.