What Is the Difference Between DLC and PVD Coating?

What Is the Difference Between DLC and PVD Coating?

Manufacturers can improve their products by using advanced coating finishes. A coating finish is a layer of vapor, spray, or liquid translucent paint that spreads across an entire product’s surface to protect it from corrosion and degradation. These finishes are great for any manufacturer to enhance their production processes. Manufacturing plants can reap benefits from using an industrial coating on their products. Here is a brief exploration of the difference between DLC and PVD coating.

What Are PVD and DLC Coatings?

DLC and PVD coatings are the most common and trusted industrial coatings. These two types are similar in profile, but their composition makes them different. PVD uses a vapor process to coat products; its chemical makeup consists of titanium nitrate. While DLC is also a vapor, it uses blasted carbon for the coating material. DLC has the upper hand in creating a more robust surface finish.

The Differences Between PVD and DLC Finishes

Aside from being similar processes using different compounds, other things differentiate DLC and PVD from each other. Look below for more on the difference between DLC and PVD coating.

DLC Produces a Thinner Coat

DLC creates a thinner coat on an object’s surface. This spray’s known to be thinner than a human hair but can make a strong coat of up to 9,000HV (Vickers). Despite its thin yet strong layer, DLC doesn’t wear. It stays strong for a long time and prevents surface staining, scratching, and rusting.

PVD Coatings Wear Out Easily

PVD has many benefits, including having many pigments to pick from to add color to an object, like a watch or stainless steel bottle. However, PVD wears out quickly. Suppose you’re not careful and reapply PVD often. In that case, PVD fading leads to machinery corrosion problems and degrading products over time.

DLC Has a Matte Finish

DLC-coated items have a remarkable finish, but the process tends to be more expensive because of availability, expertise, and application complication. Despite the cost, manufacturers should consider DLC because it’s a harder finish that leaves a shiny, diamond-like appearance.

PVD Is a Cheaper Coating Choice

All differences aside, PVD is the less expensive choice for coating options. If you want something temporary but affordable and a great selection of pigment choices, you may want PVD. PVD is an excellent option for those that want something short-term—it would be best to use this coating on substrates like glass, ceramics, and metals like aluminum.

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