Why Surface Preparation Matters in Industrial Coating

Why Surface Preparation Matters in Industrial Coating

Industrial coatings are essential for sustaining warehouse equipment because they help ensure items don’t rust and break down. Coatings help protect critical equipment from environmental and chemical damage, corrosion, and wear and tear. Ensuring the surface is properly prepared before applying an industrial coating is necessary to ensure the coating lasts. Our blog explores why surface preparation matters in industrial coating.

1. Improves Adhesion

A warehouse needs industrial coating for its machinery because it helps enhance the adhesion of the material. The coating can be better applied to metal, concrete, or wood surfaces that have been cleaned. If you do not follow proper preparation methods, impurities will remain that create barriers preventing the paint from properly sticking.

2. Increases Durable Protective Properties

Additional protective properties are enhanced through surface preparation. Prevention of damages caused by wear and tear, weather, chemicals, and environmental factors is improved by prepping a surface for industrial coating.

An improperly prepared surface can decrease your coating’s performance. It results in poor adhesion, uneven coverage, and coat thinning, which leads to initial failure or corrosion. The best surface-prepping methods include acid etching, blast cleaning, or mechanical abrading. Use these techniques to achieve maximum coating durability.

3. Saves Time and Money

Skipping surface preparation could lead to failures, expensive repairs, and coating retouches. Cleaning the surface first isn’t an extra step that you can skip; you must prioritize this step to avoid additional costs and wasted time. By utilizing this step, you can reduce maintenance and repair costs, improve the surface’s strength, and reduce time for touch-ups or reapplications. Additionally, surface prep minimizes material use, so you will conserve resources and money on restocking.

4. Improves Aesthetics

The most essential part of surface preparation is restoring your equipment’s appearance. The coating could appear uneven, bumpy, or cracked or create lines without adequate preparation of the item’s surface. Proper surface preparation helps the industrial layer spread evenly, creating an aesthetically pleasing and even surface.

5. Complies With Safety and Environmental Standards

The most compelling reason why surface preparation matters in industrial coating is that it complies with environmental standards and safety guidelines. The process ensures the surface is free of impurities and hazardous contaminants that could harm human safety or the environment. You can help reduce health risks throughout the warehouse by following surface preparation procedures before performing industrial coating applications.

Surface preparation is a vital pre-application process needed for industrial coatings. When you prep the surface, you gain many benefits, such as better coating adhesion. Surface preparation is a smart investment warehouses need to start utilizing to ensure long-term protection and resilience for coated equipment.

Every surface should be cleaned and prepped before using plasma nitride coating. Armorlube is a professional coating company that can assist in properly preparing your equipment and ensuring the veneer adheres smoothly. Contact us to learn more about our coating services and review tips on prepping your industrial equipment.