The Advantages of Plasma Nitride Coatings

The Advantages of Plasma Nitride Coatings

Aerospace, firearms, and automotive industries need sturdy parts, and they need something to create strong products. These fields rely on techniques like plasma nitride coating to avoid deformation or faulty parts that cause problems in mechanical devices or vehicles. Here are the advantages of plasma nitride coatings.

The Use of Plasma Nitride Is Straightforward

Plasma nitride is a great coating service; it only needs nitrogen in the mix to coat a metal object. It’s possible to use other gases that aren’t in the general makeup of plasma nitride coating, such as:

  • Hydrogen
  • Argon
  • Methane

Aside from these, your best choice is always the original recipe. Nitrogen travels through the tube and coats an object in electricity, creating ion molecules, or plasma. It’s important to note that the nitrogen is set to a particular temperature before use.

It’s a Better Alternative to Gas and Salt Baths

Compared to gas and salt baths, plasma nitriding performs well in wear-resistance, control, and processes. The difference in gas nitriding is nitrogen gets diffused through a chamber with ammonia from the gas to create a solid layer. It is slightly slower and creates serious breathing problems in workers, requiring more people to wear personal protective equipment, such as respirators or face masks.

Salt baths aren’t any better, though they are quick. Caustic exposure is possible if the salt spills out after shaking the parts. This not only spreads the salt but creates corrosion on the objects.

Your Products Build Better Strength

You have the chance to make better-quality parts, and we’re not just saying that. If you have metal products that need dependable DLC coating services, listen to what the professionals have to say.

You can expect a completely clean and sustainable coating service to thoroughly treat all of your products. This completely flexible process enhances a product’s durability, so you won’t have to worry about a finished product that bends and breaks easily.

Plasma Nitride Has Benefits for Every Industry

Every industry can benefit from plasma nitride. There’s no gatekeeping plasma nitriding for one job sector; DLC coating works for everyone. If you’re a member of one of these fields, then plasma nitride might be an advantage for you:

  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Firearms
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing

It’s a Reasonably Priced Process

You’ve come face-to-face with an incredibly affordable DLC service. The plasma nitride coating process can save money by reducing the resources and time it takes to coat one surface area. Our machines manage hundreds of metal products and create thick layers efficiently.

At ArmorLube, we’re obsessed with clean, user-friendly, and affordable processes. We pledge to create thick, strong layers for every product, starting with yours! Reach out to us about DLC coating services for your industry and more information on the advantages of plasma nitride coatings.