What’s the Difference Between Plasma & Gas Nitride Coating?

What's the Difference Between Plasma & Gas Nitride Coating?

From medical to industrial fields, many industries benefit from using coating processes to improve their workflow and enhance essential products. There are several coating types that businesses can choose to use for their operations, including plasma and gas nitride coatings. But what’s the difference between plasma and gas nitride coating? Find out below.

What Is Gas Nitride?

Every nitriding process has its pros and cons, but they all follow the same general process. In essence, gas nitride hardens the surface of an object. The hardness comes from dissociated ammonia. The cool thing about this process is that it works under low temperatures to achieve its hardness.

The gas nitriding process involves using nitrogen gas on the surface of an object. After the new layer is created, the metal will be protected by a hard outer coating.

The Benefits of Gas Nitride

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of gas nitride.

  • It works best in large batches of product.
  • It works well with alloys and low carbon steels.

The Setbacks of Gas Nitride

While there are pros, there’s also setbacks to using gas nitride, including:

  • The layers slow down surface abrasion
  • This process doesn’t clean parts, so they will need to be cleaned before processing.

What Is Plasma Nitride?

The process involved with plasma nitride is better for the environment due to the technology used throughout the process. To modify the surface of a material, the plasma creates an electrical current that creates a glow around the object’s surface. This change causes nitrogen ions to overwhelm the part, allowing the item to heat up and soak up the nitrogen.

The Pros of Plasma Nitride

Plasma nitride has its advantages, including:

  • The plasma nitride process is safe to use and eco-friendly.
  • The process works well on titanium and powder metals.

The Cons of Plasma Nitride

Plasma nitride is a great process, but it has its drawbacks, including:

  • It doesn’t have excellent temperature control.
  • It’s hard to keep track of compound thickness.

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