What Industries Need DLC Coating Equipment?

What Industries Need DLC Coating Equipment?

Every production process needs a coating system, but what industries need DLC coating equipment? In general, DLC coating is a specialty finisher companies use on their products to prevent corrosion and add a shiny surface to their materials. Here’s what industries could use DLC coating gear.

What Does DLC Coating Do?

The “DLC” in DLC coating stands for “diamond-like coating.” This finisher has carbon atoms that, when applied to a product’s surface, give the item a shiny, mirror-like appearance. While it delivers a lustrous appearance, it’s really about how well the coating performs.

A DLC coating builds hardness on a surface while decreasing friction and preventing wear and tear. From medical equipment to ammunition to airplanes, DLC coatings do a lot to help industries surpass their expectations.


The medical field can use DLC coating. Hospitals can benefit from corrosion-resistant finishing, and so can orthopedics and dentist offices. Medical facilities must sanitize their equipment, and DLC coating can extend the equipment’s longevity. It can also help medical equipment resist wear from water and chemicals and increase hardness. Plus, the coating gives the equipment a color that doesn’t affect its performance.


The firearms industry must ensure that firearms remain uncorroded and that the inner mechanics work correctly. Even while providing the artillery works, it’s essential that the coating you use is effective. You don’t want to make artilleries without a finishing coating, or you might accidentally produce more wear on the firearm.

In the firearm industry, it’s essential to maintain your gear. Every firearm business needs DLC coating equipment to enhance its products’ durability and reduce kinetic friction. When these things are under control, they create better artillery for the firearms trade.


The automotive industry is another area that uses DLC coating. Since there’s bound to be sliding friction in auto parts, manufacturers can use DLC coating to prevent it. It’s applied to the interior trim, engine parts, and chassis.


Manufacturing includes goods that go directly to the consumer and those used in or around buildings, such as homes and businesses. DLC coating adds a shiny appearance—and in this case, appearance could mean a lot.

From jewelry to door hardware, a DLC coating adds beauty to manufactured items. It not only makes products pretty, but it also adds a barrier to prevent scratches and rust from forming.

These industries all need DLC coating equipment to enhance the appearance of products and increase durability. Without the coating, products would rust and not run as efficiently.

Your industry could benefit from using DLC coating equipment. If you need DLC equipment now, reach out to ArmorLube. We’re happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a coating that enhances the quality of your products.